Cost reduction

In manpower and on failure costs.

Time saving

A system that works 24/7, without a day’s absence.


Visualize your strategic objectives

Growth, innovation, disruption. Fast forward thanks to customized ICT solutions
Ultimate customisation. Optimum results.

Solvware stands for pure craftsmanship within the ICT world. For solutions that focus on progress, efficiency and effectiveness. With smart nerds, who also know how it works communicatively. With the issue, the importance and the goals of the client as a starting point, they provide the answers to your pressing questions. So you can move on.

We provide the knowledge and expertise, you the success.

Ultimate customisation. Optimum results.
Profitable customised ICT solutions. That’s what Solvware provides.
Let technology work for you.


You are using a great software package, but it’s a standard one that can’t meet all your specific requirements. This can get in the way of growth, progress and innovation. That’s why you should use customised software.

Your own Solvware team

Find the right talent for the right job: success guaranteed. That’s our philosophy and we don’t make any exceptions. This ensures that there is always a team of high-level professionals at work for you and that we avoid any unnecessary loss of time and money.

Results focused

You only invest in ICT projects to get better at what you are doing. To become more agile, competitive or efficient. At Solvware we make sure you don’t get involved in long, drawn-out processes. We aim straight for your goal.

Clarity & Support

The only thing that counts is the result. But that’s only as good as the road leading up to it. Solvware stands for good communications, clear agreements and 100% commitment from our specialists. With a single point of contact for all your questions or comments.

Automation & Digitalisation

Saving time, error-free working, cutting costs and achieving objectives. These are just a few of the advantages of automation and digitalisation. Ask for a personal consultation today.

Development projects

Standard software is fine as long as it doesn’t get in the way of growth, scalability or innovation. Whatever the problem, customised software will solve it. Solvware can develop this for you. Quickly and accurately.

Data-driven marketing

Your data is your guide when it comes to marketing. In what direction is your particular market or sector moving? By acting on this information and anticipating the changes that are going to take place you can develop a solid marketing strategy.

Initial meeting & brainstorming

We arrange an exploratory meeting with you to find out what your requirements and ambitions are. We identify the bottlenecks in your ICT or software programs and give you honest and realistic advice based on this, including the investment required in terms of time.

Approval & planning

Subject to your approval, you will receive a detailed proposal and plan, so you know exactly where you stand. We will lay down everything we have agreed in a cooperation agreement to avoid any surprises.

We get to work

We start with a clear goal in mind. At scheduled evaluation meetings we will jointly assess the results, the progress and make adjustments where necessary. Needless to say, there is also ample room for (new) questions in between these.

Delivery & service

Once the assignment has been completed, you can go full steam ahead again. Any aftercare, service and maintenance will follow over time, depending on the agreements made.

Solvware specialists

ICT specialists, software developers and their programmers are lining up to offer solutions, promises, contracts and hefty price tags. But can they deliver successful ICT solutions within the set timeframe and within your budget? And, not least of all: can they provide the solution you are looking for?

Solvware stands for independent advice, working with a pool of proven ICT specialists who first and foremost listen to the ICT constraints you face and what your software would look like in an ideal world. As ‘geeks’, in the positive meaning of the word, they get to work with both this information and their in-depth knowledge. CTOs, directors, shareholders and ICT managers welcome people like this who can provide substantive and qualitative answers in relation to how ICT can make an essential contribution to increased turnover, growth and innovation.

Jaren actief

Uniek en onderscheidend

A Solvware team is not cast in stone. That’s because your particular issue is the determining factor for how it’s made up. The starting point is what you are looking for, not what happens to be possible. Irrespective of whether it concerns systems or programming languages.

This is significantly different from how other ICT specialists and developers work. Solvware works with brainstormers who are able to think out of the box. With consultants who are able to bridge the gap between technology and business. Short lines of communication and a fixed point of contact.

Solvware. An ICT partner you can build on.

If you choose Solvware, you choose an impartial and independent software developer who only has your goal in mind. This means customised solutions, developed by customised teams.

Challenge us!

Don’t miss out on opportunities and ask your question. Solvware has only one mission: to do what really benefits you. Solutions that suit your organisation, your ambitions and your budget. Our smart minds do not shy away from a challenge. We also invent completely new developments for you.

Get in touch with us today!

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