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Creative and efficient solutions
Your IT and marketing issues more than taken care of

To take a company or organisation forward. That’s the only reason why you invest time and money in marketing and ICT solutions. Because you want to stay relevant, to stay ahead of the competition or to take the next step. Whatever the goal, tech resources open doors. But preferably with no nonsense or unnecessarily long processes. Targeted, practical and pragmatic. Above all workable.

If you want to adopt a professional approach to this, choose Patrick Krijnen. As a savvy representative of the next generation he sees the bigger picture. Top-down. Patrick isn’t afraid of thinking out of the box and is able to see connections that lead to added value. With solutions that exceed your expectations.

His broad set of skills for customised commercial processes is a big plus, because every organisation has its own ambitions, its own budget, capacity and manpower. With the right mix of automation tools you can achieve the set goals.

From mini to mega projects. From national to international assignments. No mountain too high. No valley too deep.

The origins of Solvware B.V.

Solvware B.V. is a combination of all the experience and knowledge that Patrick gained in his career. From being a full service advertising agency to positions as CEO for international companies. Patrick has gained his experience in a broad variety of fields. He has gained a great deal of experience in efficiency and in development projects he carried out for his clients. Over the years he has seen a lot of issues. He had already been working as a programmer for several years and noticed that clients and developers were not able to communicate with each other properly and effectively. Because of this, the developer did not deliver what the customer needed but what they thought they needed. In some cases, this cost thousands or even hundreds of thousands of euros to fix

He felt things could be done differently. He took over the projects and made the translation from concept to content. The client’s requirements became the main focus. He made it a whole. He went through all the steps like a kind of mediator. The end result was finally there. Despite the negative experience, Patrick was able to prevent additional unnecessary costs and an even longer completion time. This was the start of Solvware B.V. A concept born from experience and which stands out because of its working methods and result-oriented approach. Experience Patrick’s approach. Solvware B.V. fully takes this into account

The smart people behind Solvware

Patrick Krijnen, founder and owner of Solvware is not afraid to say what he thinks. In an ICT world where many people often just do their ‘thing’, Patrick and his team work from an inner drive: to really help clients move forward. With professional and objective advice, independent of brands or suppliers. With the client’s request as the guiding principle, instead of what is possible. Solvware stands out with its own pool of independent professionals. In everything they do. With customised teams that start out from a client’s actual request and adopt an integrated approach to every assignment

Solvware does things differently

Solvware provides solutions

New software not only has to function optimally but also has to generate real benefits. Moreover, it has to be user-friendly. This includes the design, layout, workflow and dashboard because end users will have to use it on a daily basis.

If you want to find out more about Solvware, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Do not miss any opportunities and ask questions now. Solvware has a single mission: to do what is really useful for you. Solutions that are a good fit for your organisation and match your ambitions and budget. Our bright minds will not shy away from a challenge. We can also invent completely new things for you.

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