Your innovation starts with customised applications

Anyone who has customised applications developed will want to ensure that they can be used by everyone. On any device from a desktop to a phone. On any system from Android to OSX. They will want the application to be installed on a server, which may or may not be linked to a database. They will want to be sure that it can be opened in any browser and does not need to be downloaded or installed on any device. That is the big advantage of these applications!

How companies innovate

We have had the opportunity to develop many attractive customised applications for various companies, which have often consisted of different parts. To get a better idea (and maybe get inspired), here are some examples.

  • For a manufacturer in the industrial sector, we developed a customised application in the form of a multifunctional site with a universal dashboard for a CMS online shop. The application consists of 6 online shop websites and a checkout system.
  • A QR order system for a restaurant. The QR codes with a printing program replace the till system. The aim: to spend less time taking orders and more quality time with the guests. The focus shifted from taking orders and paying to more entertainment and hospitality. A smart move!
  • For a dealer in earthmoving machines, we developed an application with a configurator. Customers are able to put together their own earthmoving machine with the help of a multi-website system that allows four different systems to communicate with each other.
  • An efficient document registration system for orders for project managers working in BI consultancy.
  • Development of a platform for freelancers to bring clients and contractors together.
  • A transaction system for processing bond transactions.


Although nothing needs to be downloaded one-off permission may be required. For example, because of camera or microphone use. But the fact that you can work so efficiently and effectively without installation is a major plus of course.

If you see opportunities in your own company for a smart application, make sure you

contact Solvware for assistance and advice.


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