When you show your true colours, your (web) app will work like clockwork!

Colour. Is it really so important for a new application? Absolutely! The human brain responds to visual stimuli. Colour is one of them and affects how you feel about things. Those feelings depend on personal preferences, fashion and our experiences, but these feelings are also culture-bound.

Colour says everything about your business
A lot of research has been done into colours and emotions. A study by the Institute for Color Research shows that website visitors know within 90 seconds what kind of company they are dealing with. This is determined by the use of colour for as much as 62 to 90 percent.

Orange order button
We see that the conversion rate increases when online shops use an orange order button. Or one that is a colour which is different from the rest of the website or online shop. It demonstrably attracts more attention.

To give you some insight into the use of colour, we can share an interesting list:


Red stimulates and activates. It is a biological reaction, which can be traced back to the colour of blood, the colour of life and of the body. The colour red increases the heart rate and stimulates the appetite. In short: red stands for vitality, energy, power and passion.


We associate blue with tranquillity and peace. It is a colour that represents the mind, intelligence and intellect. Blue is seen as the colour of trust, clear communication and reliability. You only have to look at examples like Bol.com, Greetz.nl, Wehkamp and Coolblue. Consumers look for security and trust before they buy online.


The colour of nature. Green makes people feel peaceful, it relaxes the nervous system and suppresses hunger. Green can even lower blood pressure. Not surprisingly, we associate green with healing, health and balance, with help, harmony and growth. Good examples include Spotify and Intratuin.


Pink is a typically feminine colour. We associate this colour with both playfulness and passion. This soft shade of red relaxes and soothes and makes people feel calm. Playful associations are energy, happy, sweet, youthful. Passionate associations are love, drama, flirting and excitement.


Sunshine, spring, summer. A new beginning, the joy of life and happiness. These are all associations that people have with the colour yellow. It is a striking colour. It stimulates our nervous system, our brain and our thought processes. It makes us feel cheerful and positive, and gives us focus and purpose.


Orange is an attention-grabber. A warm colour that stands for cheerfulness, optimism, fun, strength, energy, attention, movement, creativity, playfulness and accessibility. In short, enthusiasm.

Which colour is best for your website or application?
Knowing this, you will understand that the colour you use on your website and online shop is important. It affects the feeling that your visitors experience, whether they linger and whether they return.

Compare it to non-verbal communication. A quote to this effect: people will forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Of course, our intellect also plays a role. For example, the readability of the text on your website depends on the contrast between colours. This is very important and why we still like black and white.

Show your true colours and let them work to your advantage. Feel free to contact us for some advice.



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