Process automation
Save time and money and deliver quality? Automate!

The question for lots of companies is not whether more automation needs to take place, but when. The answer is simple: sooner rather than later. Especially when your organisation is growing, becoming more professional and wants to deliver quality and stay ahead of the competition. Too many organisations continue to carry out repetitive ‘old school’ work processes and lose their effectiveness as a result. Because they don’t have time. Or think they don’t. Fortunately, there is another way of going about this. With Solvware.

Time saving

A system that works 24/7, without a day off.


Delivering error-free work means qualitative gain

Cost saving

In terms of manpower and failure costs.


Visualise your strategic objectives

Where do you start?

Take a critical look at your business processes or have Solvware carry out a review. You will often have been working for years with certain systems that have been developed and created over time. Some processes are kept out of habit or convenience. Processes that could be done much more efficiently or effectively. Take your staff records or your stock management for instance. How smartly are these organised? What does your CRM system look like and how does a customer go about making his coveted purchase? What about complaint handling, the stream of internal email messages or the cumbersome way of collaborating on joint projects?

Smart automation results in more efficient processes, fewer things to worry about and increased profits.

Development projects

Standard software will do, until you come up against limitations. Growth, scalability or innovation. Whatever the problem, customised software will solve it. Solvware can develop it for you. Quickly and accurately.

Data-driven marketing

Your data is your guide when it comes to marketing. In what direction is your market or sector moving? By acting on this information and forecasting the changes that are going to take place you can develop a solid data-driven marketing strategy.

Solvware’s approach

You may know where the bottlenecks are, but then again you may not. Solvware will help you find out where you can make gains.


Sometimes you will need to digitalise before you can automate processes. We are transparent about this as well. Plus we are critical: it is not always the best thing to replicate an existing process one-on-one. We focus on the best setup. Of course with the best team for your particular problem.


Don’t miss out on opportunities and ask about process automation now. Solvware has a single mission: to do what is really useful for you. Solutions that are a good fit for your organisation and match your ambitions and budget. Our bright minds will not shy away from a challenge. We can also invent completely new things for you.

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