Making learning fun starts with a fully functioning e-learning platform

Making learning fun starts with a fully functioning e-learning platform


E-learning courses are hot. These are increasingly being used in schools, companies and large organisations. That’s only logical, as they are an effective, easy and inexpensive way of training people. And also fun. Technically, there are many attractive options. For example you could use video material or animation, multiple choice questions or open entry fields. The ‘student’ is guided through the material step by step. Results and reports are generated automatically.


Customised e-learning courses

But how do you customise your e-learning courses? With your preferences, reports and special requirements? This is where we come in. Here’s an example. Our client wanted to develop new training courses with videos via one central environment in which the administration and management also takes place. This environment had to communicate well with the separately developed applications on Android and OSX, and also with the desktop display via the web application.


The approach to e-learning?

After identifying all our client’s requirements, we made a flowchart showing the design and the structure of functionalities. We discussed this with our client and found the right partner to do the animation, videos and 3D animation. Important components within the web application. Well-functioning and interactive. Extremely important to keep e-learners hooked.


Our client was pleasantly surprised. The e-learning courses run well on all operating variants and the management is carried out at a central point. Completely in line with our client’s wishes.


So you can see how customisation can really help you get ahead. If you are struggling with e-learning courses or want to investigate how you can use them for your organisation, please get in touch with Solvware. No challenge is too big for us!


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