Invest in customised software (without headaches)


The cost of having customised software developed in the form of an app or web application may come as a bit of a shock.
It is always going to be more expensive than standard packages. That’s only logical, because in the latter case everything has already been thought out and developed.


Long-term thinking

But if you look at it over a longer period of time you could potentially save lots of money with customised software – with the emphasis on could. There are two factors that determine your success:


  1. Make sure the quality is good
  2. Thoroughly research what can be automated, and what it will bring you


“Take the time to do it right”. In other words don’t rush into things.

One of the pitfalls we often come across is that people don’t really look at the bigger picture. We are asked to develop software for a particular problem.
We are happy to do that, but we would much rather get involved in the project as a whole because then you, as a client, will be able to benefit from our expertise.
We generally see more opportunities and more links between applications. That is how we make your investment worthwhile.

Test test test

Test phases are also really important. Seeing what does and does not work well provides great insights. Which functions are superfluous? Or which stand in the way of your efficiency or even your effectiveness?
We can tell which functions are superfluous. If you leave these out, you can prevent mistakes and thus unnecessary costs.


Avoid investments that give you a headache. It is precisely this well considered, long-term vision that is going to be of benefit to you!


In the coming period Solvware will be publishing a series of blogs with project case studies and inspirational examples showing you the process involved in a successful software development project and what it takes to turn your investment into a success.



Interested? Keep an eye out for the following blogs:


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  • How complex apps can simplify your business operations

(And increase your job satisfaction!)

  • Your innovation starts with customised applications
  • When you show your true colours, your (web) app will work like clockwork!

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