How custom software can save you money (but not always)

How custom software can save you money (but not always)

Many an entrepreneur will know the feeling. You have a software problem or you are looking for a handy, efficient and smart application that makes doing business a lot easier.

Standard software will often get you a long way. Moreover, it is the easiest way to solve the problem. You can simply go to the developer you already have contracts with.


Insight into your business

But does it really deliver the savings you are looking for? You often end up with programs with lots of functions you never really use but nevertheless pay for. These often make the programs more difficult to work with. You may also still not be able to collect the crucial information with them that will give you more insight into your business.

In that case custom software can be a step in the right direction. The kind of things you need to take into consideration obviously totally depends on your goals. To give you a rough idea, here are the pros and cons:


Disadvantages of custom software:

  • Relatively long development and implementation time
  • A bigger investment on the whole
  • Tied to the developer
  • More frequent maintenance


Advantages of custom software:

  • Efficient and goal-oriented output, perfectly aligned with your requirements and business processes
  • Clear, user-friendly working environment without superfluous functionalities
  • Future-proof, scalable
  • You are one step ahead of the competition



There is something to be said for both. Of course, we could also customise a piece of standard software for you. But anyone who wants to be guaranteed of a better-designed organisation, with increased profits, more efficient processes and – let’s not forget – increased job satisfaction and motivation, can make significant strides with custom software.

If you want to find out if this also applies to you, why not ask for an honest opinion? Solvware will check with you whether custom software would really work for you.

Need some advice or do you have a custom software development project in mind? Contact us.

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