How complex apps can simplify your business operations (and increase your job satisfaction!)

How complex apps can simplify your business operations

(and increase your job satisfaction!)


Technology has no limits. This means that, budget permitting, your possibilities are endless. And that’s good, because sometimes you have a unique issue.
One that results in better processes. Increased efficiency or increased turnover.

Automation could help with this, but it is complex. Not universal. It needs customisation, whereby the technical solution still has to be thought up and developed.
For software architects and developers like us, this is, of course, the cream of the crop!

We will take you through a project that required customisation – for an organisation where the service engineers and representatives use the same web app as the office staff. One and the same app, for planning, management and the support desk.


Who should be able to do what?

Because of the different roles in which everyone had to be able to do their own ‘thing’, we started our research with the question: who has to be able to do what?

Customised application full of options

Chris, a representative in digital alarm and security systems, knocks on the door of a potential customer, who for the sake of this example we will call John Jones. John opens the door and is curious about Chris’s presentation.
The things that Chris is going to show John will all depend on John’s wishes. For each section, Chris will ask John ten questions to determine the most suitable alarm system for John. Thanks to the customised presentation John is hardly going to be able to say no.

To develop such an extensive selection menu, you need lots of functionalities as well as a great deal of content and style elements such as graphics and animations that simplify explanations. But we want even more in that one app.

Such as:

  • The option to enter John’s details for a follow-up;
  • Being able to close the deal on the spot using the app;
  • Registering and recording documents, including a digital signature;
  • Sending a confirmation e-mail with payment link, including a link to Jan’s account by transferring € 0.01 via iDeal.

But, if the sale is made on the doorstep, you also want to settle the matter in one fell swoop.

For example by:

  • Sending direct confirmation of the order to the company’s head office;
  • Processing the order and planning the delivery;
  • Linking the delivery to the current locations of service staff/engineers (smart logistics!);
  • Having insight into availability, location and progress per service staff/engineer for optimal logistical handling;
  • Instant notification and revision of the current planning when an order is being processed.

That’s not easy. Yet it is all possible. We added another strong functionality too – via the QR codes on the technology, a service engineer can request support from the support team on site.

Increased job satisfaction thanks to a versatile app

As software architects, we can go on and on about this. We won’t do that to you.
But this blog post gives you a brief insight into what can be done to make processes simpler, faster, more efficient, more profitable and more enjoyable.

If you tell us your goal, we will tell you how it can be achieved. We will get there together.

If you want to know how you can make your people work better and enjoy their work more with customised apps, feel free to contact us for a no obligation consultation.



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