Five reasons why users download (or immediately delete) your app

Five reasons why users download (or immediately delete) your app 

You put time and money into it. You launch your new app full of expectations in the hope that you will generate loads of downloads. When that doesn’t really happen, you will want to know why. How can this not be a resounding success?

Perhaps you were tempted to add just a few too many features, functions and frivolities? Not all users like that. They only want one thing: an easy, logical and attractive design.

Don’t lose them!

As app developers we always pay special attention to this. In technical terms, it is all about the UX (User experience: people’s experience with using the app) and the UI (User interface: how users feel about the design). These two must be in harmony with each other and work smoothly. Otherwise you will lose your users.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes

And make no mistake, it is techies who need to pay special attention to this because they have a natural tendency to find every novelty interesting. At Solvware, we put ourselves in the customers’ shoes before we start developing. Is a functionality in the interest of the user? Does an extra feature make the use of the app more appealing, more profitable or more interesting? But also the other way around: what’s missing from a user’s perspective and how can we solve that?

To ultimately develop an app that people like to download and that does not disappoint.

Turn users into fans and provide the following five app qualities


Ensure speed. There is nothing more frustrating than a slow app. People will stop using it.

2.Logical menu

It is a disaster when you have to search for a function or are not able to find information or there are error messages when using it. Get into the users’ head before you start developing. Test extensively before launching the app. 

3.Good design

It needs to look good. Make sure you have a nice design. Compare it to your PC. You like a pleasant keyboard and also a bright and clear screen. It all contributes to ‘user happiness’.

4.Relevant features

Be selective with the extras you include in your app. Too many unnecessary features create irritation. Think about the users: what will help them and what will only confuse them? 

5.Don’t be afraid to experiment

Developing and launching a new app is always an adventure. Don’t be too hard on yourself if the first version has some teething problems. Start again and learn from the ‘journey’.

Compare it to a film. Consider the amount of time actors spend on set and then actually appear in a scene. It takes a lot of cutting, polishing and fine-tuning until the end result is achieved.  It is all about grabbing the audience’s attention.


This is exactly the same as when we develop an app. We also go through the app step by step with our clients. We discard what is of no value and focus on the real purpose of the app.

If a film is bad, the audience will simply leave the cinema. A bad app is immediately deleted. But if you create a valuable app, you generate qualitative downloads. And if you do this successfully your users will become fans.

Isn’t that what everyone wants?

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