Do you want to save money through automation? There are lots more possibilities than you’d think!

Do you want to save money through automation? There are lots more possibilities than you’d think!

Should you invest in automation or software? Only if it is actually worthwhile doing. That’s what our clients think and we feel the same! After all, saving time and money is the most important reason for embarking on such an adventure. A clear process is key in this. We guide clients and partners through the jungle of options and solutions to get the best possible result for them.


So what kind of things should you be thinking of?

The development of a planning or management system, for example, or an application that employees can work with anytime, anywhere in real time. It is our job to come up with ideas for systems and develop these in such a way that they fit in well with your business and the work can be carried out effectively and efficiently. People often look for ways to get more work done in less time. That is exactly what we specialise in.


Saving money

That sounds great, of course, but how does that work in practice? Let me give you an example where we, as Solvware, managed to save an ongoing project. One of our clients had been working on the development of a specific application for their company for roughly 18 months. Despite having a detailed plan, the project was already running one year behind. While the original budget had been estimated at € 250,000, the costs had already gone up to € 350,000 at this point. On top of that, the developer said that he would probably need another year. Our client was at a loss as to what to do as this meant they would have to invest a further € 200,000 at least. Money that had not been earmarked for this purpose.

We came across them and were given the opportunity to take over the assignment and get the application up and running together with the developers. We supervised the entire process on site, which in this particular case was in India. We drastically reduced the budget and the time required to complete the project: it was up and running within two months and we were able to save our client €80,000.


Automating repetitive processes

There are many possible scenarios for efficiency through automation. These often involve development and automation and/or digitalisation. For example, with the aid of a management system (CRM) or a planning system. But other typical examples include a backend system for an online shop or an internal application that makes it easier to manage a team.

You can save a great deal of time by further automating repetitive digital processes. Employees can get much more done in less time, as a result of which they are able to focus on other (more interesting) tasks. This often has a motivating effect.


Focusing on what is important

We developed a QR ordering system for a leisure centre. This system not only replaces the cash register and PIN device but also frees up staff because they no longer have to take orders. Customers simply place their order themselves using a QR code. This means that the waiting staff have more time to focus their attention on the customers when serving. Moreover, customers no longer need to try and attract thestaff’s attention when they are ready to order as they can place their order themselves.

So you see that with the right software and smart automation it is easier to cut costs than many entrepreneurs think. If you want to know how to make your company smarter, why not get in touch with Solvware?


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