Targeted marketing straight to the point
Data-driven marketing

Nowadays marketing is all about data. In today’s digital age, that’s where the answers lie. About your type of customer, their wishes and what you can best focus on in the future. You dissect your data, as it were. But how do you go about that in the right way?

Time saving

A system that works 24/7, without a day off.


Delivering error-free work means qualitative gain

Cost saving

In terms of manpower and failure costs.


Visualise your strategic objectives

Where do you start?

The method we use depends on your starting point. Do you want to know exactly who your customers are? Or do you want to steer towards the customers you would most like to have? Solvware will decide which method to use based on your question.
Go straight to your goal

Solvware’s approach

Solvware works according to a typical out of the box method. For example, Solvware starts every project from scratch in order to be able to accurately determine how your sector is developing and how you can best respond to this. We take all sorts of data into account in this: your background, your brand, your market position, etc. The marketers test your data extensively and link a market survey to it. Based on the results, you can prepare supply and demand forecasts, for instance. And that makes your marketing a lot easier.


Don’t miss out on opportunities and ask about data-driven marketing now. Solvware has a single mission: to do what is really useful for you. Solutions that are a good fit for your organisation and match your ambitions and budget. Our bright minds will not shy away from a challenge. We also invent completely new things for you.

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