Custom software. What it can possibly do is irrelevant, the important thing is that it does what it needs to.

Custom software. What it can possibly do is irrelevant, the important thing is that it does what it needs to.

Many an entrepreneur will know the feeling. You have a software problem or you are looking for a handy, efficient and smart application that makes doing business a lot easier.

But who fully understands you? Who is not just interested in doing a lot of hours and earning lots of money from you? If you invite 10 companies, they will all tell you they are the best. They will each have their own story. That’s only logical, as everyone wants to attract new clients. However, you should be aware of the fact that each of these companies will have their own people, their own programmers who have mastered one or two programming languages and will use these in the work they do for you.

This restricts them when it comes to finding the right solution as there are hundreds of them!


Custom software calls for a customised team

Solvware approaches things differently. We look at what is most appropriate for your specific problem; which solution you can benefit from most? Which language is the best fit? This does not mean that we try out all possible options. Our extensive knowledge enables us to quickly make the right choices when it comes to the commonly used technologies and languages.

If you take a look at our website, you will see we have a clear 4-step plan. Number 1 is crucial! That is the initial meeting and brainstorming session.


A good team is no coincidence

We ask lots and lots of questions. We do not set to work until it is absolutely clear where the answer to the problem lies. This is where our extensive network comes into its own. We look for the right experts for the problem. We do not simply work with whoever happens to be available. We only work with those who are skilled enough to deliver what is needed without any unnecessary loss of time.


We visualise for you what the software or application will look like. We will not be satisfied until everything is right, the workflow is correct and all the designs are to your liking.

Quality and functionality guaranteed. 


If you want to find out more about our unique approach then why not get in touch with Solvware today for an honest opinion.

Need some advice or do you have a custom software development project in mind? Contact us.

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