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Solvware software & ICT customised solutions

If you carry on doing things the way you have always done them, things will never change. Automating processes calls for an expert’s look on things. Pragmatic and with vision. Where is an organisation missing out on opportunities? What can be done more efficiently or more effectively through automation? Don’t shy away from tomorrow’s developments but make sure you make conscious choices. What automation is essential? What is desirable? And what would be nice to have? Ask Solvware for independent advice before you invest in automation.

Process automation

The question for many companies is not whether more automation needs to take place, but when. Just read why. 

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Process development

Software can be great for your processes, but it can also restrict them. Customised software gives you room for your ambitions again.

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Excel VBA

Fast search functions, easier selections or message validation, Excel VBA will save you a great deal of time and money.

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Look ahead, anticipate and connect with next generations. Digitalisation will keep you in the race!

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Don’t miss out on opportunities and ask about process automation now. Solvware has a single mission: to do what is really useful for you. Solutions that are a good fit for your organisation and match your ambitions and budget. Our bright minds will not shy away from a challenge. We can also invent completely new things for you.

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